My legs in domestic travel are my cars.

My legs in domestic travel are my cars. My car lets me start when I like, and it takes time, but it makes me unexpected discovery and it is a lot of fun. It is long ago, but to Tohoku trip to GW. Traffic jams in Tohoku were not so much, we arrived in Aomori nearly 10 hours. Go around Okuse in Lake Towada, to Hachimantai. We used three citizens' houses. I could see the cherry blossoms in Towada but I was in the snow when I went to the Koiwai farm. I also looked at sheep and cows in the snow and it was a good remembrance. And I came back to Miyagi prefecture and went to Zuiganji temple and eat bamboo fish. When staying at a pension near Shiogama, there is full. Uncle of the owner is unique, no matter what you ask, the word ""quickly!"" Comes back. For example, when asking ""When can I take a bath?"", Say, ""Please go there as soon as you have cooked!"" For a while the word of our house was ""the first!"" Such encounter is unique to domestic travel. This year I will go to Okinawa!