Speaking of travel, it used to be abroad long ago.

Speaking of travel, it used to be abroad long ago. One of the reasons is that overseas is cheaper. Now domestic travel has become much cheaper. A few years ago, there was also something called Hokkaido round trip ticket hotel one night stay 15000 yen. The greatest attraction of domestic travel will not be tiring. Overseas still get tired. That amount is also great. I can also experience things I can not experience everyday. Domestic travel is healed. Although it is monthly, it is possible to enter hot springs and eat delicious food and leisurely ... It is probably impossible to travel overseas. Such a domestic trip. Suddenly I like going to a nearby hot spring for about two nights or so. Nikko, Hakone, Ikaho and so on are cited as the nearby places from Tokyo. Among them, Hakone is my favorite. I ride a romance car and go to Yumoto. Even if it is not a romance car, it may be a normal express. From there get on the cable car and gondola to Owakudani. So we ate hot spring egg of specialty, we walked, we went to Lake Ashinoko, stayed at a nearby hotel. Then slowly into the hot spring. It's just that. About twice a year, I enjoy traveling like this in Japan. Domestic is also nice. In the case of