A couple of years ago, my hobbies were the same.

A couple of years ago, my hobbies were the same. Everyone went for a domestic trip to Hokkaido by snowboarding. I really want to stay in front of the ski resort! It is! As soon as I woke up, the front of the ski slopes! I was longing for that and stayed at a hotel in front of the ski slopes. It was a lot of fun for all the trips on the trip to Hokkaido ski resort that I really saw into my dreams. As I went as a tour, I was bound by time, so I went on a free plan but was quite a bit of a drive-in on the way from the airport to the ski resort? Is it? Speaking of Hokkaido in places like seafood bowls! It is! Although I thought but I sell it by car at a place a little away from the shop and seafood rice bowl I ate with that is sea urchin & Ikura rice is a tremendous amount but 700 yen is enough for deca and more and more sea urchin and salmon roe Which one is better? Is it? I remember not only choosing not only the sea urchin and the sea urchin but also the furious horse. I have never eaten so delicious yet. When going to Hokkaido it seems delicious to eat that kind of dubious ww at a shop more than a famous shop unexpectedly? Is it? Ww